Finding old friends and flames with Social Media

Finding Your Old Love Online

Sometimes when we are young, relationships end however the flame never extinguishes completely.  For others, the first flame only extinguishes when the loved one dies.

After our first and early love partners and friendships, we go separate ways. We move for education, work or travel. We, re-partner, marry, make a new life.

When our “forever” relationship ends, for whatever reason it is easy to find comfort in our old flames.

Searching for your lost friendships.

Before the internet, and let’s face it we all grew up without it, no world wide web, email, mobile, and smartphone.  It’s hard to imagine life without it.

Going online, you can search for old friends anonymously. When you are confident, you have found your tribe just connect, say “Hi”  and start chatting. Don’t give your life story, your current quest to find your old flame, When you are with your tribe, you can just be you, relax and find comfort with your old friends.facebook













Finding Your Tribe

With Facebook, you can look searching for individuals as well as groups. Think back to the good times and where you might find your old flame or friend. From school, a club, sporting group, community, college, work, military or university. Search for the name of the group and see if it is listed.








Search for the name of the group and see if it is listes. Ask to join the group and see who is a member and even a friend of a friend may give some clues. Depending on how savvy you are, create a new group and see who joins.

Don’t think Facebook is just for the young. Women over 55 are the fastest growing co-hort signing up and the most popular social media platform for men and women over 55.

Linkedin is also a popular social media platform with a primary focus on connecting with people linked with your career, business, education and professional interests. You don’t even have to have a LinkedIn account to search for people. If you sign up you can access more information and if your friend is signed up you can check out their education and career pathways as well as current interest.





Keep it simple when you are searching and don’t forget a simple Google Search or the name or group you belonged to and depending on where you live, access to the Electoral or Voting roll will help you with a location.

WiKi How, provides step by step instructions how to use Facebook and Linkedin to search for people. There are pictures so if you are not on these platforms or want some extra tips, look here.