Dating App Review – Hinge & Tastebuds where you connect through music

There are plenty of dating apps available, and one of these is Hinge. This app is known as “the relationship app.” The way that the site works is by creating a potential relationship match for you through the friends that you already have on Facebook.


By doing this, the site avoids creating matches among people that don’t have a connection to your friends. Some dating sites do carry an element or risk when you’re getting set up with a complete stranger.


You don’t know if that person is who they say they are. Hinge eliminates that possibility. Using the mutual friendship foundation to build the pool of members, Hinge can avoid setting users up with a match who has a fake account.


Unlike many dating sites, you don’t have to pay to join Hinge. Membership is completely free, but you do have to have a Facebook account to be able to get into the site. The way that the site works is by gathering matches from those on Facebook that you already have something in common with, such as a mutual friend.


Once you do find a possible match, you can then communicate with that person using the app, but you are urged to set up meetings in real life. Hinge searches for common links between you and the possible match.


This feature is used to help spark interest and communication. This dating site has a good rating as far as safety goes, but you’ll need to keep in mind that because you sign up using Facebook, whatever information you have on your Facebook profile will be shared.


So if you have a lot of personal information such as where you live or where you work on your Facebook profile the other person will be able to see that. Any pictures that you have up on Facebook as your profile picture will also be shown to whoever you’re matched with because Hinge transfers the information for use as your Hinge profile.


The broader group of friends that you have on Facebook and the wider their group of friends, the more potential matches you’ll have access to. Every potential match that you’re given will come from the friend’s list of your Facebook friends.


What’s great about using Hinge is you won’t be set up with matches that are unknown to anyone that you know. The site has a method in place that helps prevent you from getting set up with someone you’re not mutual friends with. This dating app is mobile but can be used on a computer.




Music is universal and you can always find someone else who likes the same kind of music that you do. That’s what the dating app based the creation of the app on.


It works by creating a common experience between two people through the music that they both enjoy. This commonality can be the foundation of good conversation, enjoyable dating time spent together and can lead to the creation of a solid relationship.


Nothing breaks the ice between two people who don’t know one another the way that music can. People like talking about their favorite singers or bands and a good night out can always consist of going out to hear some live music.


The app allows members to find friends that they have music in common with as well as find a potential match. It’s all based on connecting people who like the same type of music.


This innovative dating app allows members the chance to create music buddies that they can attend music festivals or concerts with if they don’t want to be romantically linked.


It’s also a good set up for people who’d just like to get to know new people. The general land of Tastebuds is one that’s light and funny. To find a match to connect you with, the app doesn’t base connections on the same criteria that other dating apps use.


Your physical appearance and other standard lists aren’t as applicable on this app. If you’d like to become a member, it has an easy way to sign up. You pick whatever username that you want to go by, get a secure password and then set up your music choices.


Based on whatever music choices you picked, you’ll then receive matches that also showed interest in the same singer or group. To get started adding your musicians, you can either allow the app to pull them from Facebook or you can add them yourself.


You can see profile information and are allowed to narrow your potential match by specific criteria such as age. Once you do get a match, you can then message back and forth and that communication is free of charge.


If you like a profile and that profile returns the like, then the app will inform you of the mutual like. When you visit someone’s profile, that person can see that you did, unless you’re using the incognito mode.


The app has features such as blocking members you don’t want to get messages from, liking someone’s music, and more. You can also use the music upload. If you’re someone who’s a musician, you can share direct links to your music within your profile.

The safety of use on the app is good. Others can see how old you are, and the city but any other identifying information is hidden.

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