Dating App Review – Tinder and Bumble



Rather than a site that’s used for long-term, meaningful relationships, Tinder is an app more well known for being a dating application for people looking for something casual, especially casual hookups or one-night stands – but sometimes the matches result in a long-lasting relationship.tinder

Members can state in their bio that they’re looking for something more than casual. This widely popular dating app is a hit with people in their twenties and is known for basing the matches on the physical appearance of the members.

If someone is interested in a possible match based on a picture, they’ll swipe right. If they want to move on, then they’ll swipe left. It’s easy to sign up for an account on Tinder.

You simply have to give the app permission to connect with you using Facebook. Once you do that, Tinder sets up your profile using limited preferences. So you won’t have to go through a lengthy questionnaire process as you do on other sites.

It’s one of the fastest social dating apps to join, and matches are primarily based on the member locations. Once you’re on the app, you work to get matches based on the member profiles that you’re shown.

Deciding if you want to know more, you either swipe right for yes or left for no. The app knows when two members choose a right swipe on each other’s possible match, and then they allow communication between the two members after that happens.

You Are In Control

You can’t communicate with anyone on the app unless you choose to right swipe. You’re allowed to send texts, likes or GIFs when you communicate. You can’t see multiple profiles at once, and there is a limit on how many views you’re allowed to see.

You can choose the Superlike feature – which means that you’re highly interested in that person’s profile. You can also choose to use Tinder Boost, which is a feature that pushes your profile to the top for a limited time.

Many members find it helpful to get involved with Tinder Social, which allows you to group date with your friends. Another feature that makes Tinder so well liked is the Tinder Passport.


This lets you match even if you’re not in that location. This is a feature that’s good for people who travel. What users like about Tinder was how fast and easy it is to get started on the app.


The platform also can be paired with your Instagram. If all you’re looking for is a basic account without any extras, you can choose the free option. The cost of using Tinder for a paid account is $9.99 – but only if you’re younger than thirty years old. If you’re older than that, you’ll pay double that amount.



This dating app has women reach out to make the connection first.

Bumble is a very popular dating app that is similar to Tinder in how it works – but with one exception. Rather than waiting for men to approach women, 

What this does is it puts the first step in the hands of the female users, which is a welcome change among members of both sexes. It’s based on swiping and relies on appearance-based matches – but before communication takes place, the woman has to be the one who decides on whether a potential match is hot or not.


There’s little wonder that the dating app has a predominantly female membership. The app is set up to be fairly simple. Once you get on it, if you see a profile that you like, you swipe it to the right.

If you’d like to pass, then you swipe left. If two people both swipe right on each other’s profile, then the app dings that as a match. When this match is noted, the woman must make the first contact within a day’s time.

If she doesn’t, then the potential match is removed. There are codes to let users know when a possible connection is available and when it’s about it be lost. If a possible match hasn’t connected with the woman within a day’s time, there is the opportunity to extend that connection for another day.

However, you are limited to using that for one single connection in a 24 hour period. So if there’s more than one connection you’d like to extend, you’d have to choose between them.


Women love this dating app because it puts them in control of how the match plays out.

Men like the app because it takes all the pressure off of them.

This eliminates the no response fears that many men have when they reach out to a potential match they like and don’t hear back.


There are different levels of membership available within the app. You can get the free version and still be able to make matches, but the premium membership has additional features.


If you use the free version, you’ll be able to use the swipe right or left feature. If you use the premium membership, you’ll get a list of other members who have indicated interest so you can click on the affirmative to be able to connect.


With the free version, if a match expires, then it’s done, and you’ve lost that potential for good. In the premium version, you’ll have access to Rematch, which keeps your “out of time” matches saved.


There’s also the Busybee feature, which any user can access in the premium edition. This gives you more extended access to matches. The app also has the BFF feature, which is the friend-zone.


This is precisely what it sounds like. You would use this feature when you’re looking for same-sex people that you’d like to be friends with. The setup for using this feature is the same as when you’re trying to find a match.


You’d simply swipe right or left to show interest or to move on. You get into the app by signing up, and you can do that through your Facebook account. You can customize your profile on the app based on the sex of the match you’re looking for as well as the age and the parameters for the proximity of the other person.


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