Dating Site Review – eHarmony and Match

eHarmony is a dating website that’s been around awhile. It bases its success on using a system of compatibility to find lasting matches in the relationships that it helps to create. As with other dating sites, you’ll have to fill out a registration section.


It’s this section that the site will use to find the person that you have high compatibility with. They match people based on 29 points known as their dimensions of compatibility.

Some of the things listed in the 29 points are education, spirituality, background, children, ambition, sense of humor, communication, emotional health and more.


This allows for a way to find matches who are more compatible than on other sites and focuses on building more meaningful and longer lasting relationships. The site is restrictive in that you can’t simply message anyone you’d like to.


You’ll only have access to people that eHarmony has given you as possible matches. You won’t be able to look through the database and find people. You should get matches every day and people who are on the site the most end up with more potential matches.


It’s a successful dating site, but it doesn’t zip through matches like other sites do. As part of the site’s process, they allow members to slowly get to know about the other person before they open up to messages.


The site has profile pages that are engaging and unique, which allows it to be more personable than other sites. When you sign up, you’ll have to answer questions about your lifestyle and your beliefs.


You’ll also be asked about what you do for a living and your income. You’ll need to state what you’re looking for in a match and upload a profile picture. The profile section in eHarmony is well done and allows for more of the user’s personality to shine through.


You’ll be able to share what’s meaningful to you. These more personal touches allow potential matches to get to know who you are rather than just what you do, how much you make and what you look like.


Since you can’t search the site and communicate with just anyone, you’ll look through the matches that the site chooses, but you are given a chance to get more matches based on people that could be possible relationship choices.


When you want to know more about a potential match, you can look at their profile by clicking on their match card. You can reach out to chosen matches by sending a message or by using the site’s guided communication feature. This is a way of allowing you to get to know the other person through the use of questions that the site gives you.

Match is a dating site that has been successfully creating relationships for many years. One reason for the success of is the use of the algorithm that it employs to help match couples.


This algorithm can match you based on the entry questions that you answered as well as your preferences when you’re on the site. To get started with the service, you’ll need to create an account through your email or Facebook account and fill out an in-depth registration.


You’ll need to put in information such as who you are and if you’re interested in men or women. You’ll also need to select the age group that you’d like to be matched with. You’ll need to put in your personal information such as the area where you live according to your zip code.


This information is used to match you to others in your area. When you select the kind of person you’d like to meet; you will be putting in a selection of what you’d like to have as possible matches according to the other person’s physical attributes, their education or religion.


You can also have your matches narrowed down by their habits, too – such as if someone is a smoker. When you input your own information, you’ll be asked about the things that you like to do as well as your beliefs.


You’ll fill in things like the books you like, your movie preferences and places you like to go. You can complete an introduction about yourself, and then you’ll add a photo. Going through the registration doesn’t mean that the site will automatically accept you.


You’ll have to wait for approval to be able to get on the site. Once you’re in, you’ll be able to use the various parts of the site like messaging, search, connections and matches.


Every day, you’ll be able to see new matches and you can either accept the match or decline if the other person doesn’t seem to be what you’re looking for. In the connections area, you’ll see the other members that you’ve engaged with.


You can keep up with your contacts here through the MatchPhone. This is a feature that gives you a phone number associated with the account that gives you a number so you can use your phone to connect with the other person while still keeping your number private.


You can search for possible connections using the filter feature as well. This will let you choose areas, similar backgrounds and more. There are additional features such as paying additional money to get your profile to show up higher in searches.


If you want to look and not be seen, you can select the private feature mode. The site has a lot of features including strong encryption to keep your information safe. You also have a wide range of possible matches. The cost of using can be a bit more expensive than other dating sites, but the matches should also be a better fit for you.

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