Dating Site Review – Plenty of Fish & Coffee Meets Bagel

Plenty of Fish

 Plenty of Fish is a very popular dating site that has a large base consisting of millions of both men and women. It’s one of the more popular dating apps and offers many features. It has a high success rate for helping people create relationships.

You have the choice of getting a free account or paid, but like other dating sites, the free account doesn’t give you access to all of the features that you’d get with the paid version.

plenty of fish

With the paid account, you get more in-depth knowledge about the potential match that you won’t have access to with the free one. The site is easy to navigate and easy to get started on once you sign up.


Unlike some dating apps, when you find someone that you’d like to connect with, you can message them, and you won’t have to pay extra for that. One thing that women really like about the site is that they’re allowed to send photos, but men are not.


The feature isn’t allowed for men because of the inappropriate content that was being sent to female members. The site has a strict policy against nude photos and annoying or harassing users, which makes the safety and enjoyability of the site outrank other dating apps.


Within the site, you’re able to see who viewed your profile. You’ll also be able to see profiles, and if you think you’d be a good match, you can click on the contact now button to get a conversation started.


Plenty of Fish uses a Chemistry Predictor to help find potential matches. This test is based on various aspects of a member’s personality and character. It looks at whether the member has self-confidence or not.


It also looks at how the member feels about family. The test gauges if the person is easy-going or not. Self-control is another aspect of the test. Members will also be measured on how they interact with people – whether they’re a closed book or can be more socially open with people.


This test helps the site match like-minded individuals. But it also uses a Relationship Needs Assessment, which helps members get to the core of what it is that they want from a relationship.


This test is very in depth and may take you a little while to answer, so signing up will take you longer on this site than on other dating apps. But the results are invaluable for helping to lead you to the right match.


The results will let you know what steps you need to take in a relationship. The matches that you receive through the search will be based on your answers from the test. One of the popular features on the site includes Meet Me, which allows members to connect based on photo acceptance.

Coffee Meets Bagel

One of the dating apps that’s highly popular is Coffee Meets Bagel. What makes Coffee Meets Bagel so popular is that it has what’s known as #LadiesChoice, which is a no games approach to dating for women.

In fact, more women than men use the dating site because it gives them more control to select potential dates who are more serious about relationships.

coffee meets bagel

Rather than having an emphasis on hooking up, this site focuses on creating relationships. The platform focuses on conversation and tends to attract fewer members that want or expect sexually charged interactions.


The general experience on the site is one that’s user-friendly. When you sign up, you’re matched with other members. The platform does try to make sure that your matches are ones that you would find attractive and easy to connect with as well as those who share similar beliefs and lifestyles.


To sign up, you must have a Facebook account. The platform works based on finding matches within the connections of the connections that you have. The information is kept separate from your Facebook, and you don’t receive any notifications to your Facebook wall.


Once you’re a member, the daily match time is noon, and this feature is known as the Daily Bagel. During this time, you’ll get matches that you can either pass on, like or connect with.


To connect with that other person, you’ll be given the option to communicate with them through the use of a chat. If you click like on a match, then your profile is sent to that match. 


Using the Discover features allows users to find potential matches known as Discover Bagels that don’t fit the algorithm for your profile. Other features of the app include things like Take, Give and Beans that you use to navigate the app.


The Take is where you take a bagel, and it shows up in the other member’s area with a notification for them. If they want to connect with you, all they have to do is click Like.

The Give feature is where you can set up potential matches, and you can use Bagels that you suggest to your friends so that they can make a possible match.


When you matchmake using the Give feature, you accumulate Beans. The Beans on the app are what is used to get you into more things on the site. To get more connections, you’ll want to have a good selection of photos on your profile.


You’ll also want to make sure you fill out the section that describes your personality. List things that you like and what you care about. Other features with the site include Woo, which is a way to give some attention to your Bagel – but the Woos cost you Beans. Photo Lab is another feature which you can use for peer review as a way to interact.

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