Signs Of A Bad Relationship


For so many years it was considered taboo to mention it if you were in a bad or abusive relationship. There was a lot of shame attached to it as well as the belief that when you got married, you STAYED married, for better or worse, just like the vows said. Therefore, many suffered in silence.

Fortunately, that has all changed for the most part, although there are still many women who choose to remain in an abusive  relationship. This is typically because they either have been mistreated for so long they believe they deserve it, or they have been kept so isolated by their abuser that they have no clue how to get on in the world.

A strong sign of an abusive personality can begin with possessiveness and jealousy. It may only be slight in the beginning, but you will slowly start to see it increase. Listen to your instincts. When you start to feel the slightest bit uncomfortable, you need to get away. How you do it is up to you, but don’t let it keep going. The longer you remain, the worse it will become.

Another sign is when someone you’re involved with or dating tries to keep you from your friends and even your family. He wants to isolate you so that you don’t have any support system in place when he hurts you or attempts worse. When he starts complaining about you seeing your friends and family, it’s time to look at him VERY closely.

Try to reason out why he would not want you to see people you care about and who care about you. If there IS no reason that makes any sense, and he becomes ill-tempered when you try to talk then it is simply time to move on.