Surviving A Bad Date


Bad dates happen to everyone. Are there no sparks at all?

Here are some things that you can do to deal with a bad date or when you are the one who’s about to make it bad.

If you are feeling too nervous opt for a date over coffee. You will have less time fidgeting due too over nervousness since after finishing your coffee you can easily bid your date a quick adieu.

There is no excuse for a date that is obnoxious and rude. Walk away and let it be.odd man out

If you and your date are not on the same wavelength, it might not be working out.  Endure the date, maintain your composure and leave politely. If your date asks for an extension like an after meal drink, you can always politely say no.

If you unintentionally insult your date, simply apologize then move on. If your insult is not that severe, your date might just forgive and forget.  The same goes if they unintentionally insult you.  Realize that they are probably just as nervous as you are.  You’ll have to be the bigger one and forgive and forget.

If your date is going badly, what’s a good way to exit gracefully?  There actually are many – most of which involve little white lies unfortunately.

If you are brave enough to tell it like it is, by all means do so.  Honesty can be the best policy; however, it can also hurt the other person’s feelings.  If you want to avoid this, as most people do, you may faced with making up a harmless story to spare your date’s feelings.

This story is up to you but make it plausible.  Perhaps you suddenly don’t feel well.  Maybe you “forgot” to turn off your coffee pot.

You can also set up a pre-arranged time for a friend or family member to call you.  If the date is going well, that’s fine, but if it’s not, this is the perfect out.  You can have an “emergency” that just can’t wait and explain it away by the phone call alerting you of such.

What do you do with those feelings that might arise from a date that has gone badly?

Don’t punish yourself for a date that went horrible. Save it somewhere in your mind that is remote. Or better yet, commend yourself for being able to go through it. Learn from your mistakes.poor date

Get occupied with other activities so you can forgive yourself and forget about the bad date. Exercising, sharing the experience with a trusted friend, watching a movie will make the bad vibes go away sooner than you expect.

Honesty and kindness are a good combination when it comes to turning down a bad date that would like a second round. Say something a bit blunt but peppered with some praise.  “You seem like a wonderful person, but you’re just not for me.”

Now, if you think that the person still deserves a second chance, by all means, give it a second try. You can always laugh the bad date incident away when you are more comfortable with each other.

Most of all, however, shake it off and get back online!  There’s bound to be someone else you can connect with.  Dating isn’t always an exact science.  It might take a few tries to find that perfect one!